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SMS timer application enable you to schedule the sms you should send on certain time. Let say you are busy man and always forget to wish your girlfriend birthday. Use this software to schedule the message you want to send before the date is come. Eventhought this is not a good manner cause you are cheating her, but this application can increase her love against you. :-p

When you want to compose a new SMS as normal and hit the send button. After few seconds, you’ll see a note saying “To schedule this SMS click Schedule, or click Send Now to send immediately” as above.

So, just click Schedule and you’re asked to define both date and time to send this SMS. After click the Save button, open SMS Timer program again, you should notice the scheduled SMS appears in application window.

Suppose you want to edit the message of a scheduled SMS, double-click it and press Yes to proceed as the “Over-write the existing item and create a new schedule.” note pops up.

To re-schedule a particular scheduled SMS, click to highlight the item then click Options to select Re-schedule (or to delete the scheduled item).

If you like this freeware Nokia 5800 application.
Download SMS timer for Nokia 5800 freeware application HERE.

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chandni said...

i bought a new 5800 2months before. and the sms timer, the wavesecure aren't working. nothing works on this phone. n al the time it gets hanged.

Chucky5800 said...

Be careful with this crappy sms timer. i installed it. Set it to 'enabled'. It worked once and failed twice.

It was supposed to time or schedule sms, but when i hit 'send', the 'schedule/send now' option failed to show and the sms was immediately sent.

Ended up i sent two wrongly timed sms.

Anonymous said...

I use this software up to this day and everything going perfectly :)

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