Nokia 5800 application : Shanghai Mahjong


The mahjong pattern - 8 rows, 13 columns and 5 layers will be formed automatically after started the game play in "Shanghai Mahjong". 1 piece of mahjong would be added into the pattern in every 10 second. You need to delete all pieces of mahjong in the shortest time in order to win the game. Please try the game to challenge your logical mind!

Mahjong is very popular among Chinese. There are study that said playing Mahjong could prevent old folks from suffering Parkinson disease. However, how this game is played. So install this game in your nokia 5800 Express Music now and learn how to play this game for your own sake. :-)

Download Shanghai Mahjong Game for Nokia 5800 Express Music HERE

Nokia 5800 application : Paint Pad


Paint Pad is a drawing tool, which lets you draw your mind right on your mobile phone. You can draw on color background, images saved in your phone or even a photo taken instantly! Enjoy the fun of drawing: set your masterpiece as mobile phone wallpaper, send your greetings to your friends, and print it out through gallery.

This application is another way of showing what a Nokia 5800 can do with its touch interface. I reviewed another application like this called Mobile paint. See previous post. Paint pad is much similar to Mobile paint with added features and tools.

I want to start with its features. This app will let you load a picture saved in your phone so you can add and paint over it. Pictures can be zoom, rotate, drag around the screen before you can start painting. When you’re ready to use the picture, you click ok and the paint tool comes up. You can also start with a blank sheet. Not just a white blank sheet, you can start with any color that you prefer as a blank sheet. Another option is to take a photo. The rest are the same features that you’ll find on your MS paint. Spray paint is really cool to have on this app. It also comes with its own eraser. As a note, it only erase the paint not the picture, it would have been nice if you can also erase the photo. Another tool that I want to mention is the Text tool. You can add text anywhere, which is as simple as it gets.

I also want to make a note that you can rotate this app. I feel like I need to mention that because not all application is supported for rotate; some of them that I saw were games. Another thing that I noticed is, it only loads picture from the main picture folder. If you have a personal folder created inside the gallery folder, you have to move them to the main gallery before you can import it to the Paint Pad.

Download Paint Pad for Nokia 5800 Express Music HERE

Game for Nokia 5800 : Dodge This


Another game from Zenesis limited. The game is as simple as its sounds. Dodge this! I think anyone can enjoy this game, it’s very simple game, but it could be challenging. The goal is to dodge the bullets.

Dodge this! is an addictive game that you can’t resist to play it over and over again. The sole purpose of the game is to use Touch screen to control the plane, and stay away from bullets for as long as possible.

Download game for Nokia 5800 HERE

Avatar SMS application


From my previous post, Avatar SMS application for nokia 5800 is not provided yet.

“Nokia Avatar SMS”! Turn your avatar into expressive animated icons, and text them to your friends – at the same cost of sending an ordinary SMS! Or set your avatar up as the handset wallpaper or MSN profile picture with just a few clicks. The latest version of Avatar SMS gets even better with downloadable plugins to add trendiest wear and accessories to your avatar! The new version is also compatible with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic touch handset, and supports English, traditional and simplified Chinese, so you can get in touch with avatar fans round the nation!

1. New items added with a total 159 choices (including faces, hair styles, and fashion accessories) – up to millions of possible combinations.

2. Get into style by inserting your animated look-alike in SMS chats with friends

3. Build avatars for friends and turn your phonebook into your private album; you can even build your own friends book in the Avatar SMS application and make calls or send avatar SMS messages with one button press!

4. Use your own avatars as handset wallpapers, or turn them into MSN profile pictures for extra fun! Users of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset can even style up their homescreen with contacts bar, see their friends in avatar look!

Get this Avatar SMS for Nokia 5800 now

Nokia also release two new plugin for Avatar SMS for Nokia 5800 Express Music

Siu Hak Wardrobe plugin

Download this Avatar SMS plugin for Nokia 5800 Express Music


Valentine’s Day plugin

Install Nokia Avatar SMS application and the Valentine’s Day plugin to unlock a range of specialty items including accessories and head & body wear; there’re also extra-romantic flowers and gifts to charm your valentine on the special day!

Download this Avatar SMS plugin for Nokia 5800 Express Music


YES MAN ring tone for nokia 5800


Yes Man photo

Yes Man is the the story centers on a man who decides to change his life by saying yes to everything that comes his way.

"Yes Man" stars Jim Carrey as Carl Allen, a guy whose life is going nowhere - the operative word being "no" - until he signs up for a self-help program based on one simple covenant: say "yes" to everything and anything. Unleashing the power of "YES" begins to transform Carl's life in amazing and unexpected ways, getting him promoted at work and opening the door to a new romance. But his willingness to embrace every opportunity might just become too much of a good thing.

If you already watched this movie, have you ever noticed the ring tone of Carl Allen Handset's ?
His ring tone is so nice and if you want to get it in your hand phone especially nokia 5800 or any hand phone that able to play mp3 format, please click the link provided below.

Download ring tone for Nokia 5800.

Capacitive touchscreen technology in 5800 XpressMusic?


It seems that Nokia is on its way to upgrade some of its high-end mobile phones, including the popular Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, with capacitive touchscreens, a move that would make its devices more competitive against rivals like Apple's iPhone, the new LG Arena or Samsung's i8910 (Omnia HD) handsets.

As many of you might already know, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is currently featuring a resistive touchscreen, which seems to be more fitted for the use of a stylus than that of fingers, as it requires more pressure, and some Taiwanese phone part makers are reported to have stated that the Finnish company ordered a switch to capacitive screens for the device, as well as for some other models too.

According to the same sources, the new phones are expected to come to the market as soon as next month, and 2 million units are planned for shipping in the May – June time frame. Rumor has it that the more advanced Nokia N97 touchscreen phone will also be included among the other devices to receive the upgrade treatment, though, given the fact that the company is reported to have tested it with resistive displays only, that might not happen in the near future.

For what it's worth, the Finnish mobile phone maker is expected to soon release more handsets that would include capacitive touchscreens, and an ultra-thin device, as well as one that will come with a QWERTY keyboard, should be among them.

The phone that will most likely be upgraded with a capacitive touchscreen is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, which has seen a lot of traction from users since it was launched, with more than 3 million units sold in four months, and which is seen by some as a more affordable alternative to the iPhone. If this turns out to be true, the upgrade will make the device more appealing and sales will certainly grow.

Resistive And Capacitive Touch Screen


Have you ever wonder how touch screen technology is function? And what is the touchscreen technology use in Nokia 5800 especially?

Traditionally, there are four major four major types of touch screen input devices:

  • Resistive

  • Capacitive

  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)

  • Infrared

however, in this post, i would like to describe the two main and famous touch screen technology in smart phone industry which is Resistive and Capacitive technology.


Resistive is the most common type of touch screen technology. It is a low-cost solution found in many touch screen applications, including hand-held computers, PDAs, consumer electronics, and point-of-sale-applications.

A resistive touch screen uses a controller and a specially coated glass overlay on the display face to produce the touch connection.

The primary types of resistive overlays are 4-wire, 5-wire, and 8-wire. The 5-wire and 8-wire technologies are more expensive to manufacture and calibrate, while 4-wire provides lower image clarity.

Two options are generally given: polished or anti-glare.

  • Polished offers clarity of image, but generally introduces glare.

  • Anti-glare will minimize glare, but will also further diffuse the light, thereby further reducing the clarity.

One benefit of using a resistive display is that it can be accessed with a finger (gloved or not), pen, stylus, or a hard object.

However, resistive displays are less effective in public environments due to the degradation in image clarity and the need for periodic recalibration caused by the layers of resistive film deteriorating, and its susceptibility to scratching. Resistive displays are susceptible to vandalism and touches will not register if the resistive sheet is cut or scratched.

Despite the trade-offs, the resistive screen is the most popular technology because of its relatively low price (at smaller screen sizes), and ability to use a range of input means (fingers, gloves, hard and soft stylus).

Nokia 5800 use this technology in detecting input from the user. That why we need to give a little bit pressure on the screen when use this Smartphone. As an owner of Nokia 5800, I like this technology very much. I still can apply my sms without looking at screen skill when i use nokia 5800. Giving a little bit of pressure feel same as i use my previous nokia with keypad.


Capacitive touch screens are all glass and designed for use in ATMs and similar kiosk type applications. A small current of electricity runs across the screen with circuits located at the corners of the screen to measure the capacitance of a person touching the overlay. Touching the screen interrupts the current and activates the software operating the kiosk.

Because the glass and bezel that mounts it to the monitor can be sealed, the touch screen is both durable and resistant to water, dirt and dust. This makes it commonly used in harsher environments like gaming, vending retail displays, public kiosks and industrial applications.

However, the capacitive touch screen is only activated by the touch of a human finger and scratches in the coatings can cause dead spots on the screens. A gloved finger, pen, stylus or hard object will not work. Hence, it is inappropriate for use in many applications, including medical and food preparation. The technology was originally created for small screens and will not scale to larger screens easily and can require periodic recalibration.

Smartphone that use this technology as I find out throughout the internet is iPhone, G1 Android phone, LG Viewty phone, BlackBerry Storm and so on.

So what is the technology of your smartphone that you want to own?

I have do some survey between this two technology, spend a second to rate in this poll.

other application for nokia 5800


1. Mail For Exchange

2. AA Mobile Widget

3. am730

4. HK Weather

5. The Year Of the Ox

6. Avatar SMS (Coming Soon)

This is the other application for nokia 5800 that i have collect in together.

If you don't know how to install in your nokia.

please read my previous post. I have given the step to install application in your nokia 5800.

Click here for other Application Download

Nice application for your Nokia 5800


This is several application your can install in your nokia 5800. Simply click the link related to the application that you want to download.

Leave your comment if you like or dislike with the application.


1. Talking Dictionary

2. Touch Card Match

3. Touch Maneuver

4. Touch Piano

5. Touch Guitar

6. TVB Widget

7. Motion Dice Box

8. Touch Popper

9. Food Easy

10. Mingpao

Don't know how to install an application in your nokia 5800? You are still new to this smartphone? Here the step of Installing your nokia application.

  • Download the application that you want and if the file is in format .rar, first, extract the .sis file to your desktop.
  • Connect your handset to the computer and select the mass storage on your handset.
  • copy the application file on the memory card on the root directory.
  • disconnect your handset from your computer and before that "safely remove hardware" first from the computer.
  • Open file manager from your handset and select the selected .sis file you want to install.
  • Follow the instruction appear from your handset and you done.
  • The last step is bye leave some comment and don't forget to said Thank You :D

Nokia 5800 Theme Pack for Download


This is collection pack free for nokia 5800 theme fan for download. Download by clicking link below direct to you computer. Extract from winrar and paste on the root of your phone memory card directory. Click on your phone to install. Download many other theme from this blog and start your theme collection now.

Make your Nokia 5800 Xpress Music always new time to time.



iPhone theme for the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


iPhone is another famous smartphone available in the market. Have u ever think to get your nokia 5800 look like an iPhone.

To download this wallpapers onto your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, simply click on the link below to dowload the zip file. Unzip the folder and install the wallpapers onto your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

DOWNLOAD iPhone Theme.

Hottest Selected Theme for Nokia 5800


I have gone through all theme that are available in the World Wide Web, and this is all the theme i collected that are very hottest and nice to install. Have a time to take a look and download to your Nokia 5800.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Windows Vista. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Bubbles. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Green Leaves. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Green Leaves. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Spidey Vintage Flahorn. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Green Guitar. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Vista Colors. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: King Jungle. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Fresh flower. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

Free and fresh Nokia 5800 theme: Transformers. Download Nokia 5800 theme HERE.

This is all the hottest theme to download and install in nokia 5800. I will upload new theme date to date when more theme are available.

GPS Garmin for Nokia 5800


GPS Garmin also can be installed in Nokia 5800. Garmin allows their customer to use GPS once they buy the license. Compared to Nokia GPS, their customer need to pay the licence to use GPS every year. Garmin GPS can be get from the Garmin center. The price is not too high. So anyone can get this GPS. However, Garmin GPS also available in the internet by who want to install it for free. Many website give the instruction in order to install this Garmin GPS on Nokia 5800.

Blackberry Storm Touch Screen VS Nokia 5800 Xpress Music


BlackBerry Storm and Nokia 5800 Express Music is another handset should be compared. These two famous handsets bring each ability and advantageous.

The BlackBerry Storm smartphone will let you select and type using it’s touch technology, and typing is made easy thanks to the on-screen keyboard that lets you just touch a letter and go. One of the advantages of black berry is, this handset can function as internet modem. So u just subscibe to any telco broadband and use it as a modem of your computer.

Touch Screen Navigation on the BlackBerry Storm 9530 / 9500 is easy; you just use your fingertip on the screen like a mouse. The phone features Multi-tap and SureType technology. Other BlackBerry Storm display specs include: Light sensing screen, user selectable font size, 3.25-inch Transmissive TFT LCD, and a 480 x 360 color pixel resolution.

The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone has a 3.2-inch screen that looks great from any angle; it has 16 million colors, a 640×360 pixel resolution in a 16:9 ratio.

The widescreen on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is optimized for one hand use and has an automatic orientation sensor. You can use the Nokia 5800 touch screen for text input and user interface control, with support for handwriting recognition.

Comparing the price of each handset, Black Berry Storm always come in high price compared to the Nokia 5800, so no wonder Black Berry come in modem function.

What’s your choice: Blackberry Storm or Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic?

GPS built in.


Nokia 5800 Xpress Music come with GPS built in. The preset software installed in Nokia 5800 is Nokia Maps. Anyone buy this handset is given free 7 days licence to enjoy this application.

step to activate this free licence is..
1-start nokia maps application from main menu, Press option and select extras.
2-select drive & walk
3-read and ACCEPT the terms and condition.
4-drive & walk screen is then displayed. Read the information and DOWNLOAD the navigation licence.
5-your device will connect to the server to check free licence availability or your purcase options. Select YES to proceed.
6-Select your preferred data access point using either data connection of wifi. Data charges may apply.
7-please wait while your device connects to the server to activate the licence code.
8-you will receive a confirmation note that your 7-day all regions navigation licence is activated

more info can be read on

New firmware version V21 for 5800


New firmware update for nokia 5800 now hit Malaysia. Software version V21.0.025 make some improvement in touch usability and improve navigation.

Message icon between unread and read message now is renewed. In version V20, read message icon shown is same as unread message, the different is only on the red dot.

After i updated my Nokia 5800, i can say, my nokia become more stable. Touch screen vibration become more smooth.

This is some review done by other with nokia 5800 updated firmware.

1.  Booting time is fast now.
2. You can make the menu button ‘breathe’ when the phone is in standby. It will flash
twice if there is a missed call, message or email.
3. No longer switches predictive text off after you’ve used the Full Screen QWERTY
Keyboard and gone back to the regular keypad.
4. Applications has renamed to Apps and Music Player is now Music Plyr.
5. During text entry pressing ‘*’ key brings up a full screen selection of
6. Some problem with web browser.
7. Overall performance of the phone is improved now.

this review is taken from

Nokia 5800 review


The Nokia 5800 Xpress Music as it is the phone giant's first touch-screen phone has created something of a stir in the mobile world. So how does Nokia compete against its rivals such as Apple, samsung and LG?

Nokia 5800 XM has a limited number of buttons. There are just three keys on the front - start call, end call and menu; volume up and down and a camera button on the side; and a power button on the top.This device is created with of so few buttons so the entire device is fairly slim and not much bigger than the screen.

There is a charger socket, a standard 3.5mm socket for connecting headphones and a covered micro-USB slot for connecting the device to a PC on the top of the device. The slider on the right of the device make it very easy to lock and unlock the device so that you don't accidentally dial someone while the phone is in your pocket.

SIM and memory card slots is located on the left of the device with clip cover. Interestingly, you have to remove the back cover and battery in order to take out the SIM, which defeats the object of having it so easily accessible.

However, the microSD slot is spring loaded so that cards can be easily removed and inserted. This is neither here nor there for the majority of users who will leave the preloaded 8GB memory card in the device. But for those who need to swap out the memory cards regularly, for instance if they have libraries of content spanning several cards, not having to balance a battery and a cover while changing over two tiny cards can be an attractive feature.

Nokia has done a great job with the 5800's interface. The touch screen is nice and responsiv. while the operating system, nokia use Symbian S60, so those familiar with any of its E-series and other S60-based devices will be right at home.

Most importantly the software is quick, something that Windows Mobile devices often struggle with. Even with a few applications running in the background, navigation is nice and smooth and the phone is quick to respond to input. Even the automatic switching between portrait and landscape orientation is quite fast.

Navigation on the 5800 can be managed just using fingertips, but there is a stylus provided at the back cover and a small plectrum as well.

Input can be carried out via a full Qwerty keyboard, a traditional alphanumeric keypad, a mini Qwerty keyboard or handwriting recognition. For the last two you'll need to use the stylus or plectrum, but the keyboard and the keypad are well designed for use with fingertips.

The call quality on the 5800 is excellent, and there always seems to be a good signal and voices come through loud and clear.

The 3.2in screen with a 640 x 360 resolution is big enough to watch TV shows while on the move, and to send or read emails and other messages. Scrolling through menus is nice and smooth using the bar on the side, but the 5800 lacks the gesturing and sliding motions of many of its competitors.

Nokia has tried very hard to make this device appeal to all segments of the market. Being part of the XpressMusic brand gives owners 1000 songs downloads from Nokia's music store. There is also an inline remote control included in the box so you can control the music with phone in the pocket. Similarly, just above the screen is a small icon which launches the media bar, giving direct access to music, pictures, video and the web.

The 5800 features all the current connection options including 3G, 3.5G or HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. But all these features take their toll on the battery.

The Nokia 5800 come with a good quality 3.2-megapixel camera with a decent dual LED flash, a definite step up from many other cameraphones.

As the conclusion from this review, nokia 5800 is a perfectly competent phone and certainly a lot better than many other touch-screen models out there, especially for the price and real time respond.

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