Overcome certificate expired on Nokia 5800


Backup all messages, notes, calendar entries, and contacts.

I used Nokia PC Suite to backup all these four components instead of using Nokia 5800 inbuilt backup function, which doesn’t has an option to backup Notes (but I’m not sure the ALL settings will back up the Notes).

Remove the microSD memory card.

When the phone is powered on, don’t simply remove the memory card. Otherwise, the memory card content will likely corrupt.

To remove the microSD card when the Nokia 5800 is switched on, press the power key (the button next to the power charging port), scroll down to locate and select Remove Memory Card, opt “Yes” as the “Removing memory card will close all open applications. Remove anyway?” message is displayed.

Shortly after, the “Remove Memory Card and press OK” message appears, and then the microSD is ready to be unplugged or removed from the dedicated slot.

Notes, both SIM card and microSD card slot are next to each other on the same side (another defect, personally), don’t be careless and end up corrupting the SIM card (if you happen remove SIM card instead of microSD card).

Format the Nokia 5800

Access to touch keypad and enter *#7370# secret code (not so secret, anyway) to restore phone settings to factory default (even the user data and files are deleted).

Next, you’re prompted to enter the Nokia phone lock code. The default is 12345, if this code hasn’t been changed by yourself or any one.

Then, the phone restarts and you’ve to select the country region (just select your own country from the list, in this case), followed by request to enter current date and time.

When the phone is ready, power it off again to re-insert the memory card (for highly safety measure, unless there are nothing important kept in the memory card, e.g. picture, music, documents, etc).

As the phone is switched on again with memory card inserted, the “preparing memory card” message appears.

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Handy Clock For Nokia 5800 with Keygen


This Handy Clock application consists of 7 sub application on it. They are World clock, Day-night map, Calendar, Alarms, Timers, Stopwatch and Time log.

World Clock
World Clock views shows times in five cities of the world. The top city is your home city. The time in the home city is the phone time. The times in other four cities are calculated from the home city time and city's details like GMT offset and summer time setting.

Day-night Map
Day-night map shows day/night zones all over the world and location of the current city. Scroll up/down to switch between cities. There are the same five cities that are in world clock view.

This handy clock application also consist a calendar application as a sub application. Calendar view shows two months calendar. scroll up/down to go to the past/future.

In alarms view you can set up multiple alarms including repeating ones. The supported alarm types are : once, next 24 hours, daily, weekly and workdays. Be caution that this alarm do not signal if phone is switched off.

In Timer view, you can set up multiple timers including repeating ones. This timers application work only when Handy Clock application is running.

Stopwatch view can work in two modes: Lap mode and split mode. You can change the current mode via Options.

In the lap mode, pressing the joystick notes the time of the lap. The lap time is added to the list together with the different from the previous lap time (in brackets). The displays shows the best lap time in the left bottom corner.

In the split mode, pressing the joystick notes the time of an interval

To export the result into CSV file (Comma Separate Values), go to Option>Export. Then you can copy this file to PC and open in Microsoft Excel.

Time Log
Time log view allows you to track time spent working on the different project and different customers. Time log can track the project's time even if the Handy Clock application is not running. This is done by storing the time, when the project was started. Note that changing the phone time in this case can lead to an error in the project time's calculation.

Download Handy Clock Application for Nokia 5800 HERE or HERE

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Handy Zip for Nokia 5800 with keygen : Application


Handy Zip application for Nokia 5800 Express Music enable you to view .zip type file.
To browse and manage in your Nokia 5800 Express Music, go to menu then Handy zip.

  1. To browse and manage zip archives on your memory card press the scroll key on the right.
To view the contents of a zip archive, scroll to the archive and press the scroll key.
To make a new zip achieve, go to Option > New archive.

You can also scroll to a zip archive, press Option, and select:

  • File > Rename to rename the archive.
  • File > Delete to delete the archive.
  • File > Copy to copy the archive to another folder on the phone or memory card.
  • File > Move to move the archive to another folder on the phone or memory card.
  • File > Properties to view the properties of the archive.
  • Send to send the archive to other devices.
Download Handy Zip for Nokia 5800 Express Music Here.

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Handy Alarm with Keygen for Nokia 5800 : Application


Handy Alarm reminder is divided into two main function, Reminder and Alarm.

Reminder are used to remind you about the different events and activities. There are 5 types of reminders:

  • Simple - simple reminder with user-defined sound.
  • Contact - allows you to dial a contact in predefined time.
  • Phone number - allows you to make a call in predefined time.
  • Voice note - plays recorded sound in predefined time.
  • From SMS - displays particular text message in predefined time.
You can set different ringing tones, ringing type, volume and vibration for each reminder.


Alarms are used to wake you up in particular time. Alarms can be periodic. There are 6 types of alarms:

  • Next 24 hours
  • Once
  • Daily
  • Work days
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
You can set different ringing tones, ringing type, volume and vibration for alarms.

All the setting for Handy Alarm for Nokia 5800 is completely customize. You can set the working days, ringing time, Auto snooze mean your alarm will never be snooze up to so many time. You can also set the period of snooze time.

Download Handy Alarm for Nokia 5800 HERE.

As usual, this application will not place the icon in the application folder, but they will create new folder in your menu root folder name as Handy. However you change that to make this Handy alarm application icon in your application folder. Read my previous post on this site.

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New firmware version V31.0.008 for 5800


Here come a new firmware update for nokia 5800. Firmware version V31.0.008. Update your nokia 5800 express music now using Nokia Software Updater. Get your instruction HERE.

Changes are listed below, but do please comment if you notice something extra that's new or shiny! The usual caveats over backups apply, though the 5800 has User Data Preservation, so don't worry too much about your data.

Official Changelog:
Improved Navigation with Ovi Maps 3.0
Improved Performance

Other changes noticed:
Better response from touch screen
Free RAM improvements

And please do your comment if you notice something new.

Handy Calendar with Keygen For Nokia 5800 : Application


Handy Calendar is a powerful timekeeping application your Nokia 5800 Express Music. Handy Calendar application helps you to organize your schedule, reminds you about your special days like someone birthday, or your anniversary. This application also helps you to be in time and won’t let you forget when and where you should do something.

Handy Calendar useful special features:
• 4 different views: Month, Week, Day, and Tasks.
• 2 modes to open and preview any entry: anniversary, all day event, task or appointment.
• Identification and highlighting contact names, phone numbers, e-mails and URLs and possibility to use them directly from Handy Calendar.
• Zooming text size for better visibility and larger screen capacity

Handy Calendar uses the same database as built-in Calendar application. This allows you to synchronize Handy Calendar entries with Outlook entries and vice versa.

Download and install this application in your Nokia 5800 NOW.

When you install this application, this application icon basically is placed on your menu root folder like the picture below.

If you feel uncomfortable with that, you can move the icon into your application folder like picture below.

In order to do that, hit option in your root folder menu and select organise. Select handy folder and hit option. Select "move to folder" and select folder "Apps" and you done. :)

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Adobe Reader LE 2.5 for Nokia 5800 : Application


Adobe Reader LE 2.5 is a software for our nokia 5800 to read .pdf format. This software is developed by Quickoffice and optimized for Symbian S60 3rd Edition and symbian S60 5th Edition mobile devices (nokia 5800 Express Music), with this software, you can view PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) files on your nokia 5800 - anytime, anywhere. Enjoy enhanced PDF viewing with faster and easier to read single column text reflow that resizes documents for greatly improved readability on the small screen. Version 2.5 is the next of Adobe Reader LE for mobile devices with improved performance, such as opening large files faster, and an easier, more intuitive navigation.

Key Benefits

* Best Viewing Experience - Optimized for viewing and reading PDF documents on mobile devices.
* Desktop Level Functionality - View high impact Adobe PDF documents with familiar desktop experience.
* Seamless Integration - Streamline workflow on your mobile device with a common user experience and integration between Adobe Reader and Quickoffice Premier.
* Increase Your Productivity - Quickly access PDF documents anywhere, anytime on your mobile device to review and approve important documents while on the go.
* 2 Great Technologies Combined - Developed by Quickoffice, the Global Leader in Mobile Office Software, combined with Adobe's proven technology in Portable Document Format that maintains document integrity.

Key Features

* Reflow View - Allows an alternate view of the PDF document where text is reflowed on the screen to provide a better viewing experience; a reflowed view eliminates left-right scrolling for text-heavy documents.
* Accurate Rendering - Provides accurate rendering of PDF content, retaining images, complex layouts, and formatting.
* ZoomView™ - Easy, intuitive navigation that allows for increased legibility of PDF content on small screens.
* Smooth Shading & Transparencies - Supports transparencies and smooth shading (used for smoother tonal gradation) contained in PDF documents.
* Page Rotation - Supports rotation of the PDF content (display only) in 90-degree increments, allowing users to maximize the viewing area on a small screen (for example, going from landscape to portrait maximizes the viewing area for some content).
* Text Search - Supports basic text search in PDF documents.
* Bookmarks - Navigate documents using embedded bookmarks contained in PDF documents.
* Encryption - Supports decryption of files encrypted with up to 128-bit encryption that are password protected.
* Find with advanced find options.
* Embedded Fonts - Preloaded with 14 fonts.
* View Document Properties - Ability to view subject, keywords, date created, last modified, file size, author and title.
* PDF Compliant - Supports the latest PDF 1.7 rendering model and specifications.

This is a free trial software and you need to buy this application if you are interested and want to gain full access of this application. Download 15 days free trial of Adobe Reader LE 2.5 for Nokia 5800 HERE.

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Firmware Updates V30.0.011 For Nokia 5800


New firmware version now available for all of you to download and install in your Nokia 5800 Express Music. V30.0.011 firmware version is released by Nokia. Actually this firmware version update is available in NSU about 2 month ago ( see the graph below). However, this version is availabe to update depend on the product code and my phone firmware version can be update since 2 weeks ago.

There is a lot of improvement in this new firmware version and the changelog is shown as below:

Standby screen:
*When Music Player is operating, and seeing the track name on the screen, and then when one song ends and goes to the next track, the speed at which this happens has improved yet again from 21.002, although the noticeable change is not as much as from 20.149 to 21.002.

Call log, Contacts and calling function:
*Calling speed (from standby screen to Contacts or Call Log) and transition to call/disconnected screens even faster than 21.002, is more than the instantaneous that I stated for the 21.002, it has improved yet again.
*New menu option in the in-call menu to Send MMS during phone call.
*Loudspeaker maximum volume has seemed to decreased

*Maps startup is now almost instantaneous, speed through all the Maps menus very fast, even faster than Maps 2.0
*Switching to different views is very smooth and fast now, i.e. to Map 3D etc.
*Maps version 2.0 week 39 remains the same, although the Maps is able to be upgraded to Ovi Maps 3.01 flawlessly

Music Player:
*The biggest change is the equaliser improvements. There is a huge improvement in sound quality, even background sounds and other channels are more noticeable. The default equaliser settings are quite good. And bass is less crunchy than before.
*Split-second delays now do not exist when pressing the volume keys to change between volume levels. In the past, there was some degree of delay, even running multiple applications now, that behaviour has been improved remarkably.
*Freezes in the music player have not been evident to me yet in my days of usage with the new firmware. Which is a marked improvement in the functioning and stability of the music player. Screen tearing and slow speed for album art to appear is still present though.

Camera and Photos:
*Biggest change is the reappearance of use of the volume keys to zoom while taking photos/recording video
*Going into Details is faster than 21.002, almost instantaneous now
*Scrolling speed through thumbnails is only minimally jerky now, also scrolling through photos at 100% view has improved in speed so it is now very smooth and almost instantaneous
*When going into menus in Camera, the speed is instantaneous

Video centre:
*Logo has changed for the video centre in the menu
*Appearance of video menu is different and seems to have inherited the newer N-series/E-series style simplified logos
*Speed in the video centre is much improved and is almost instantaneous
*Changing between volume levels in RealPlayer is instantaneous, fast-forward/rewind speed and resume of playback after these functions is improved and almost instantaneous. Sound quality appears to have been improved also.

*Application has been upgraded from v4.08 to v4.10.0904
*Logo has changed and is now reminiscent of the newer N-series/E-series simplified styling
*Performance is faster and Yandex search service has been removed in favour of Live Search and Google (Note: this is for the APAC variant, will vary between different regions and specific countries)

*Rendering of webpages has improved in speed since 21.002
*Rotate Screen option speed is now almost instantaneous
*Speed in Web options menu is now instantaneous
*Loading of Minimap on side when scrolling down pages does not have pixelation anymore

*Overall system speed has been improved so it is somewhat faster than 21.002
*Scrolling in the Multimedia menu from one tab to another whilst multiple applications are running, has improved marginally in speed
*Overall stability seems to also have been improved, have not had one crash or freeze where I have had to remove the phone battery. The slight freezes that have occurred, the phone has recovered from flawlessly.

To anybody new with this Nokia 5800 Express Music. You can update your Nokia 5800 firmware version by installing the Nokia Software Updater application HERE.

Download this Nokia Software Updater application and install this application in your computer. Connect your Nokia 5800 Express Music to your computer by selecting "PC Suite". Run the Nokia Software Updater application and follow the instruction.

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