ThinkChange nUnlock for nokia 5800 : Application


ThinkChange nUnlock is an application for nokia 5800 to unlock your phone screen with one smooth slide like u are using an Iphone. You can look everything that you need on your Nokia 5800 Express Music at first glance. No need for you to unlock the screen just to read the time display and to see the indicators of your phone status.

Moreover, you can minimize the use of lock screen button. Use the button only for locking the screen. Moreover than that, you don't have to use the unlock button if you set your phone to lock the screen automatically.

To unlock the screen, just hit one of the 3 button whether green, menu or red button. The background screen will appear and you just need to slide the bar to unlock the screen if you want to use you phone.

This is very cool application for your Nokia 5800 Express Music and everyone of you should have this application.

For more information, you can go to this page to download the trial version and buy the original application.

Get your application now. Download this application and install in your nokia 5800 Express Music. Click download link below.

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MobiSystems OfficeSuite Version 5.20


MobiSystems OfficeSuite Version 5.20 create a complete version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office so you can read and edit the document. MobiSystems OfficeSuite new version of Microsoft ® Office 2007 in particular has improved support for files. You can enjoy all of the great features of MobiSystems OfficeSuite 4 features of S60 5th edition phone + features a new Microsoft ® Office 2007 docx and xlsx files. This program can be obtained confidential documents on mobile phones easier to use the format most commonly used desktop document. Advanced editing, the document can be changed on the fly and save the original format, just ready to be use for desktop or PC.

The Word Editor of MobiSystems OfficeSuite

  • Opening and viewing native DOCX files
  • Editing of Microsoft native DOC files and the commonly used RTF and TXT formats
  • True Type fonts and Unicode support
  • Advanced spelling capabilities in 6 languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch- word auto-complete and underlining of misspelled words
  • Advanced document formatting with embedded tables, images and hyperlinks
  • Custom zoom to get best visualization of your documents
  • Full preservation of the original document formatting
  • Supports password protected Word files
The Excel Manager in MobiSystems OfficeSuite
  • Opening and viewing native XLSX files
  • "Easy sum function" availble in SpreadSheets
  • Editing of Excel XLS and XML files, and CSV files
  • Save in the original Excel XLS and XML and CSV file format with 100% preservation of the of the document formatting
  • Support of True Type fonts and ability to work with multiple fonts, font colors and font styles
  • Over 100 common and scientific functions to make your calculations easy and accurate
  • Custom zoom for best document visualization
  • Charts
  • Support of password protected Excel files
  • Undo and redo
  • Hiding and freezing of columns and rows
PowerPoint® Presentations in MobiSystems OfficeSuite
  • Support of PPT and PPS PowerPoint® native files
  • Several different view modes - slide view, slide show and notes
  • True Type fonts and Unicode supported
  • Landscape and portrait view modes
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Embedded images and charts

The application can be downloaded from the official website of Mobisystems here. Its a paid application, costing € 19.99 but a 30 day free trial is also available for free download. The installation .sisx file is around 3.5 Mb and it supports several European languages in addition to English. During the installation, the application prompts for selection of languages to be installed for dictionary support and this should be beneficial for non-English users of 5800.

Get your free 30 days trial by download this application HERE.

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