Kaspersky Mobile security.

Kaspersky Mobile security not only preventing your smartphone from malware application or virus but this Anti-virus react beyond aspected. I am trying this better known it as mobile security than anti-virus application and I received a call from my Mum. After hung up, kaspersky mobile security give a mesage said...

"You received a new call
Press option to add the caller to Black or White list"

Hurmmm what does it mean by black list and white list...
i went to kaspersky website and found that

  • Kaspersky Mobile Security can function in whitelist mode (only accepting calls and messages from specified contacts) or in blacklist mode (accepting calls and messages from all numbers except those in the list).
  • After receiving an unwanted call or SMS, the offending number can be added to a blacklist at the touch of a button.
  • Unwanted words or phrases can also be added to a blacklist to ensure that specific types of messages are blocked.

So we can protect ourself from being disturb by unresponsible person or SMS spam from our Telco company.

Kaspersky mobile Security is a perfect application to own. :-)

More information about Kaspersky Mobile Security, Click HERE


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