Handy Clock For Nokia 5800 with Keygen

This Handy Clock application consists of 7 sub application on it. They are World clock, Day-night map, Calendar, Alarms, Timers, Stopwatch and Time log.

World Clock
World Clock views shows times in five cities of the world. The top city is your home city. The time in the home city is the phone time. The times in other four cities are calculated from the home city time and city's details like GMT offset and summer time setting.

Day-night Map
Day-night map shows day/night zones all over the world and location of the current city. Scroll up/down to switch between cities. There are the same five cities that are in world clock view.

This handy clock application also consist a calendar application as a sub application. Calendar view shows two months calendar. scroll up/down to go to the past/future.

In alarms view you can set up multiple alarms including repeating ones. The supported alarm types are : once, next 24 hours, daily, weekly and workdays. Be caution that this alarm do not signal if phone is switched off.

In Timer view, you can set up multiple timers including repeating ones. This timers application work only when Handy Clock application is running.

Stopwatch view can work in two modes: Lap mode and split mode. You can change the current mode via Options.

In the lap mode, pressing the joystick notes the time of the lap. The lap time is added to the list together with the different from the previous lap time (in brackets). The displays shows the best lap time in the left bottom corner.

In the split mode, pressing the joystick notes the time of an interval

To export the result into CSV file (Comma Separate Values), go to Option>Export. Then you can copy this file to PC and open in Microsoft Excel.

Time Log
Time log view allows you to track time spent working on the different project and different customers. Time log can track the project's time even if the Handy Clock application is not running. This is done by storing the time, when the project was started. Note that changing the phone time in this case can lead to an error in the project time's calculation.

Download Handy Clock Application for Nokia 5800 HERE or HERE

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