Handy Alarm with Keygen for Nokia 5800 : Application

Handy Alarm reminder is divided into two main function, Reminder and Alarm.

Reminder are used to remind you about the different events and activities. There are 5 types of reminders:

  • Simple - simple reminder with user-defined sound.
  • Contact - allows you to dial a contact in predefined time.
  • Phone number - allows you to make a call in predefined time.
  • Voice note - plays recorded sound in predefined time.
  • From SMS - displays particular text message in predefined time.
You can set different ringing tones, ringing type, volume and vibration for each reminder.


Alarms are used to wake you up in particular time. Alarms can be periodic. There are 6 types of alarms:

  • Next 24 hours
  • Once
  • Daily
  • Work days
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
You can set different ringing tones, ringing type, volume and vibration for alarms.

All the setting for Handy Alarm for Nokia 5800 is completely customize. You can set the working days, ringing time, Auto snooze mean your alarm will never be snooze up to so many time. You can also set the period of snooze time.

Download Handy Alarm for Nokia 5800 HERE.

As usual, this application will not place the icon in the application folder, but they will create new folder in your menu root folder name as Handy. However you change that to make this Handy alarm application icon in your application folder. Read my previous post on this site.

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