Handy Converter for Nokia 5800 Application

Handy converter allows you to quickly convert currencies, clothes sizes and measurement units.Currency converting functionality includes automatic and manual currency converting and gives the possibility to see exchange rates. The Handy Converter application uses an internet connection to get exchange rates from various external sources (web sites).

One of the special extra feature in Handy Converter is you can converting the clothes size of men's, women's, kid's, or kiddies' clothes sizes among different system measurement. This is very useful when you go for shopping outside of your country.  Let say you are Russian and you are visiting France and now you want to buy a cloth for someone. In Russia, you know he is wearing size 48 but you can't simply choose the cloth with size 48 because the same size actually 46. There are many other cloth conversion available and if you felt that it is useful, download in now and install it on your Nokia 5800.  

Unit converting functionality includes converting Length, Weight, Area, Volume, Speed and Temperature from one unit to another.

After you installed this application, the icon is not placed on your apps folder as usual. The application will create a new folder named "Handy" if you want to replace the icon into the app folder, follow this instruction from here : http://nokia-5800-touchscreen.blogspot.com/2009/09/handy-calendar-with-keygen-for-nokia.html

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