ThinkChange Finger Print : Prank Application

Finger print scanner for Nokia 5800 or N97 or phone that are using symbian S60 V5 Operating system (OS). With this application, you can unlock you Nokia 5800 or N97 using your fingerprint. Sound like your phone having high security with better technology then just use security code.

However this application as I mention at the title above, is a prank application or other word, this application is just for FUN!

Play the trick with your friend and let make it them shock with your high level phone security. To unlock the phone, touch your phone screen until your phone beep or vibrate up to certain times as you set.

Let say you set it to 0 times, once your finger is removed, the phone will be unlocked!

If you set your phone beep up to 3 times, remove your finger after hearing 3 beeps or the phone vibrate for 3 times, the phone will be unlocked! Otherwise, an "Access Denied" red box will be displayed :-)

You need to set the "touch screen vibration" in your profile to "ON", so that the "Vibrate Assistance" option will take effect. You can just switch to "General" Profile to experience the functionality.

You also can change the text display to your other word depending on your creativity. Download the application and make your friend stunning :-)

This is unsigned application and hope that all of my lovely visitor already have freesigner application. Otherwise you can't install it on your Nokia 5800.

Install the application and register with any 8 digit code to get the full version because this application is already hacked.

Have FUN!!!

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Perfecta said...

Certificate error on my 5800...

Admin said...

this is unsigned application. you need to sign this application using free signer application.

harinder said...

how can i use free signer application

Admin said...

free signer application is an application to sign an application by yourself. You need to get your phone key and certificate first in order to use free signer application. If you don't understand, i will write a post about free signer application soon. said...

Hi! I would be very happy if you could tell me where i can find an app like this for windows mobile platform! thanks in advance :)

Admin said...

I will let u know if i found for windows mobile platform

glock said...

hey man, it is xpired bt i hv signed it n yet it says (unable to install protected application from an untrusted supplier).
so, any idea...??
respond to diz thread as soon as possible. thank you.

Admin said...

hello glock
try to reverse your phone date back to 4 or 5 month ago.

glock said...

nopx.. still sayd same.. its nt working, i even tried downloading from other sites n tried yet ntg hpnd.. nt working. bt d trial version works.. bt yours nt working. pls help !!! :(

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