Best active lock for Nokia 5800 : Application.

Active lock software help you to protect your inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts and My folders message from unwanted eyes. Let say you got a friend which is always playing a games in you Nokia 5800 or other phone than nokia 5800 but using symbian S60 V5 OS, and you felt worried if he or she or they will read your private message.

Active SMS Lock is the best for you to lock your message. Open you message from active SMS lock application. Open you inbox or other folder that contain the message you want to lock. Select the message you want to lock. Select option, select set and than lock.

If you want to get a very perfect protection is, you can lock the message and hide the message. Whenever you hide the message, you message will not be appear in your default inbox but you can access your message from active SMS lock application.

Get your Private message protected from unwanted eyes now. Download BEST ACTIVE LOCK for Nokia 5800.

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Mary said...

thank, i love this application, so i can hide my private photo. :)

YoNg LiAng said...

can u please show me the steps to install this on my nokia 5800 ? I have spent so long on this yet still cannot :(

Admin said...

Yong Liang..
copy the .sis file into your memory card root folder
after that go to your file mgr. on your nokia 5800

double click on that .sis file and you done
very simple

YoNg LiAng said...

but whenever i try to install it, it says certificate expired :(

YoNg LiAng said...

Dear admin,
can u do something about that? I don't know how come it shows "certificate expired" whenever i try to install it ><

Admin said...

ooww..certificate expired..
I will post a few step in order to overcome this problem.

Actually, this problem is common to all nokia 5800 new user.

I also faced this problem when I started use this phone a few month ago.

Anonymous said...

is this application free? Also how safe and trustworthy is it?

Admin said...

Yes this is free application.
very safe and trustworthy application. High level lock application :)

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how to do this...
I have installed in on my computer. Whats next?

Admin said...

Installed on your computer???
this application is for Nokia 5800.
Copy the sis file in your nokia 5800 memory card.
After that select the .sis file from your file mgr. in nokia 5800 and double tap to install it.

sajjad said...

What you have to do to get rid of the certificate expired thing is to turn your phone's date backwards by one year,! if it still doesn't work, try 2 years!

Anonymous said...

now i hav the same problem dat expired certificate,,wat can i do to solve thi problem????

filipino said...

i think this must be signed.. let me try..

Anonymous said...

What's the old pin code?

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