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Continuing from my previous post, GPS Garmin pack that you are downloaded consist of Malaysia Maps. So i have search the entire webs to find the other maps for you download referring on the country that you belong. However you can also copy the all maps on your nokia 5800. Maybe some day you will need this maps if you travel to that country.

  1. Malaysia & Singapore Map
  2. Middle East Map
  3. North America


Gouzou said...

What about Europe maps?

Ofer said...

how can I add maps to the softwear? (thay all have the same name)

Admin said...

try download from my latest post
tell me if it is working or not.

Admin said...

The only way is by creating new folder in Garmin folder rename as country that u want. Then move the .img maps that u want into the garmin folder. You have to do it manually. Move the .img using file manager > memory Card > option > Organise > Move to folder

silhoutte said...


I am stuck at the point of settings...I do not get the option of Use attached GPS, instead it just says switch on bluetooth and allowed to connect to Garmin GPS devices only

jun said...

what is the password to extract the Malaysia and Singapore Maps...

Admin said...

password :

it already written there.

Iris Vata said...

please help me about getting Europe map.

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