Nokia 5800 application : Paint Pad

Paint Pad is a drawing tool, which lets you draw your mind right on your mobile phone. You can draw on color background, images saved in your phone or even a photo taken instantly! Enjoy the fun of drawing: set your masterpiece as mobile phone wallpaper, send your greetings to your friends, and print it out through gallery.

This application is another way of showing what a Nokia 5800 can do with its touch interface. I reviewed another application like this called Mobile paint. See previous post. Paint pad is much similar to Mobile paint with added features and tools.

I want to start with its features. This app will let you load a picture saved in your phone so you can add and paint over it. Pictures can be zoom, rotate, drag around the screen before you can start painting. When you’re ready to use the picture, you click ok and the paint tool comes up. You can also start with a blank sheet. Not just a white blank sheet, you can start with any color that you prefer as a blank sheet. Another option is to take a photo. The rest are the same features that you’ll find on your MS paint. Spray paint is really cool to have on this app. It also comes with its own eraser. As a note, it only erase the paint not the picture, it would have been nice if you can also erase the photo. Another tool that I want to mention is the Text tool. You can add text anywhere, which is as simple as it gets.

I also want to make a note that you can rotate this app. I feel like I need to mention that because not all application is supported for rotate; some of them that I saw were games. Another thing that I noticed is, it only loads picture from the main picture folder. If you have a personal folder created inside the gallery folder, you have to move them to the main gallery before you can import it to the Paint Pad.

Download Paint Pad for Nokia 5800 Express Music HERE


stan said...'s great program.
But..whenever i finished my work and safe it, paint pad always disallow,it said only for hong kong phone only,
Do you got any solution?

Admin said...

Before this Paint Pad is licensed to Nokia HK to distribute freely to their customers phone with Traditional Chinese language.

If you go to
they have release the international paint pad but you have to buy it.

you can also try their free trial.

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